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Behold! ‘Tis The Cup of Pestilence! Kneel before it’s intrinsic yet mysterious yet sensorial power! ..and you’ll probably want to mix it with something before you drink it.


The Frenzal Rhomb Group of Singers have colluded with booze barons Hellcat Vodka and the Groglords lords, to bring their own 'heavy vodka' into this realm of existence.


Harking back to the days of ye olde bath tub distilleries, this bespoke potation is perfect over ice, soda water, a squeeze of lime and has the dual purpose of being able to clean the oil stains off your driveway.


Tasting notes: Ethanol and water.


Best enjoyed: Before riding into bloody battle on horseback wearing nowt but a chain mail codpiece and wielding a mace.. .or on the back deck with friends

Frenzal Rhomb Heavy Vodka 500mL

  • Vegan friendly

    500mL Bottle

    Cork Enclosure

    45% ABV

    18 Standard Drinks

  • Flat Rate Shipping

    18+ Signature on delivery

    Email tracking

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