The long lived Motörhead Single Malt Whisky, created by the band and distilled by Swedish top whisky creators Mackmyra and a long-standing favourite with both fans and connoisseurs, is looking at its last and final release. "Final Batch" is released in 500mL bottle and a limited amount.


Mikkey Dee, drummer of Motörhead says: “The only problem with this last release of whisky is the size of the bottle. With whisky this good I’d prefer it to be in multi-gallon containers. This is not the end for Motörhead and whisky though – we’ll be working on something else that will proudly continue this spirited legacy”.

Motörhead Single Malt Whiskey

  • - 500mL

    - 40% ABV

    - 16 Standard drinks

    - Single Malt Whiskey


    - 18+ Signature Required

    - Aussie Post

    - Email tracking