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Choirboys cemented their place in Aussie rock history with their 1988 release 'Big Bad Noise' - an album that poured fuel on an era of pub rock notoriety and created a lifetime of hazy memories. 


Bringing the good times, Big Bad Whiskey is part of Choirboys' first forray into the world of spirit releases, along with their Run to Paradise Vodka. 


Limited to 250 hand-numbered bottles, Big Bad Whiskey is a barrel aged Australian Whiskey, crafted in a hybrid pot column still, using a mash of all Australian grains. 


Signed by Mark Gable and Ian Hulme.


​Best enjoyed with mates and singalongs.


Choirboys Big Bad Whiskey

Fulfilling early June
  • Signed

    500mL Bottle

    Cork Enclosure

    40% ABV

    16 Standard Drinks

    Aussie Whiskey

  • Pre-order

    Flat Rate Shipping

    18+ Signature on delivery

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