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Introducing the highly anticipated collaboration between Abre Ojos Tequila and Deftones, the Ohms-themed release.


This limited edition tequila marks the first of a two-part series that cele-brates the iconic rock band.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tequila embodies the essence of Deftones' music and the energy of their fans.


Each bottle is a collector's item, reflecting the band's signature style.


Inside the bottle, you'll discover a crafted tequila using the finest agave and traditional production methods. This spirit offers a harmonious balance of flavors, with hints of caramel, citrus, and oak, delivering a truly exceptional sipping experience.


Limited bottles coming to Australia.

Deftones Ohms Anejo Tequila

Expected to land in Australia late April
  • Anejo Tequila

    Limited edition release


    40% ABV

    24 Standard Drinks

  • Pre-Order

    Late April arrival into Australia

    Flat Rate Shipping

    Email Tracking

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