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Extremely limited allocation for Aussie fans!


BLACKENED Whiskey celebrates Metallica’s much anticipated new album with the Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch using the new album in the sonic-enhancement process.


This limited-edition bottle highlights elements inspired by the album including a striking yellow capsule with the signature Metallica M, and the 72 Seasons logo prominently displayed on the front of the bottle.


“It’s kind of like we’re bottling key Metallica memories with these limited-release batches. We did it with S&M2 and The Black Album and now we’re doing it with 72 Seasons. It’s awesome to share this experience with the band and the fans.” Rob Dietrich, BLACKENED’s Master Distiller & Blender.



Nose – Burnt caramel, oak & honey

Palate – Honey, cinnamon, allspice, dark fruit, clove & mint

Finish – Long and smooth, slightly creamy with 

hints of butterscotch taffy, maple & honey


Blackened 72 Seasons - Limited Edition

  • - 72 Seasons Batch

    - 750mL

    - 45% ABV

    - 26.6 Standard drinks

    - American Whiskey

  • - Flat Rate Shipping

    - 18+ Signature on delivery

    - Email tracking


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