Volbeat has hand-selected a premium blend sourced in The Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad. This Caribbean Rum, which is bottled in the Netherlands, has been aged up to 15 years. The rum is dark and complex with notes of exotic dried fruits, caramel and wood. It is really delicious, soft, kind and very forthcoming - also the finish.


Volbeat has approached the art of rum making as they do their main songcraft. They have rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in the creative process, rather than merely slapping their logo on the bottle. Besides from the very important task of tasting, the band has also been involved in the production process. “When it comes to music, I know what I am doing and I have many years of experience”, explained Michael Poulsen, when the band had sold multi-platinum. “But when it comes to rum, I am still learning about aromas and the blending process. It is a journey of experience, and I am very thrilled to be able to give something to people. Even those, who might say, ‘I don’t like their music, but their rum is wonderful’.”


"You will never taste anything like it," says Volbeat vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen about Volbeat Rum III.


There's a reason for such enthusiasm. Just as the band's music has evolved, so has their pursuit of finding and now creating the perfect drink. While Volbeat Rum I and II were limited batches that mostly graced specialty stores and went on to become collectors items amongst rum connoisseurs, Volbeat Rum III has been blended and produced with the goal of making it widely available and reasonably affordable. However, Poulsen is also quick to note that while the latest edition may be more accessible, the quality and the flavour remain as top line as the previous batches. "The good thing about rum is that it's not always about the price," the singer shares. "You can make a quality product at a decent price. It's about how you blend it and the process."


Volbeat Rum III is a "uni-rum" - a universal rum for everyone, from distinguished rum connoisseurs to a more casual imbiber, and the band hopes to make rum fans out of those who were not previously. As it says in the back label, this rum is for every “Guitar Gangster, Lonesome Rider,

Cheapside Slogger and everyone else in between.” Cheers!


Just like one Volbeat song can turn a casual listener into a fan, one sip has the same effect when it comes to Volbeat Rum III.



Volbeat Rum III

  • - 750ml

    - 43% ABV

    - 25.5 Standard drinks

    - Aged Rum

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