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Volbeat Seal The Deal Rum is a lighter rum than the band's previous products (Rum, Rum II, III and Special Edition). It is composed to be versatile enough to both be enjoyed exactly as it is, but at the same time also to be used in various cocktails and thus bring favourite cocktails to life.


Blended from hand-selected Caribbean rums primarily sourced from the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Seal The Deal is a blend of unaged and three to five year aged column distilled rums that - before being transported for blending - have been aged in casks that have previously been used for bourbon.


The golden rum is incredibly well balanced and has a soft aftertaste with notes of vanilla, orange, licorice and caramel. It's a rum that delivers - every time.


Volbeat's lead singer and guitarist, Michael Poulsen, says: "We searched far and wide to find a rum that could be used for every occasion, and which was also worthy of bearing Volbeat's blue stamp - and we found it with Seal The Deal. We are extremely proud to add Seal The Deal to our range of rums - and we can't wait to see you raise a glass or mix a cocktail with us.”

Volbeat Seal The Deal Rum

Expected to land in Australia in September
  • - 700mL

    - 40% ABV

    - 22 Standard drinks

    - Rum Blend

  • Pre-Order

    September ETA 

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    18+ Signature on delivery

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